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Hello, Miche Lovers!! I hope this finds you and your family healthy and happy!! Sooo... First I want to tell you how I am very thankful that Miche has introduced me to some awesome ladies and even more blessed I am with your friendship!! Unfortunately, it is time for me to retire from Miche - which is bittersweet!

I have loved being involved with Miche, but my day time job has gotten more demanding in the last year.. and in these last few months, I've finally figured it out that I can't do it all anymore. When I first started with Miche, my day job had some time slots that I could work on Miche - and my boss was my #1 fan (well #2 - my mom being the first - lol)... anyways, those slower days have long gone and I just can't juggle it any longer!! Because so many wonderful Miche Lovers and Miche Rep Sisters have asked, I will be transferring all of these past retired photos of Miche Shells/items over to a new spot (, which you can continue to use as a…

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